Niagara Soft Cloth Car Wash
961 Niagara Street Welland, Ontario

Open daily at 9 am.
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Protect your vehicle's most exposed areas with Niagara Soft Cloth Car Wash Undercoating.

Cars $99 Plus HST. Large Vehicles $115 Plus HST.

Keep your vehicles looking as great as the day you purchase them. It's not wrong to want your vehicle looking as great as it did the first day you owned it. However, the roads pose a number of critical threats to your vehicle's well-being.

Protect your Vehicle

We are the Niagara regions Leader in Undercoating. Niagara Soft Cloth Car Wash trained professionals will apply our powerful undercoating solution to your vehicle's undercarriage, protecting its most exposed areas from the likes of moisture, dirt, grime, salt and more. Our expert technicians will apply the coating to the undercarriage, insulating the areas you need protected while avoiding areas like the brakes, exhaust and drive shafts.

The First Line Of Defense

While many people look at a car or truck's paintjob for cleanliness, it is equally, if not more, important for the underbelly of a vehicle to be free from corrosion and damage. Undercoating helps prevent moisture and compounds from getting into exposed areas and undoing all of the hard work you may have done to keep your paint protected and looking spotless.

What Makes Us Different?

Niagara Soft Cloth Car Wash undercoating service is designed to not only keep your car or truck protected, but also make you feel confident your vehicle is prepared against harm from the road. We leverage our decades of experience on your behalf, ensuring the most exposed part of your vehicle is safe from wear and corrosion.

Once your vehicle has been undercoated all residual oil is removed from the exterior of your vehicle to ensure a well protected and clean vehicle. All vehicles receive a basic interior cleaning that includes vacuuming, clean windows, wipe dashboard, and tire dressing.